Case 1: Project management and eCommerce

The challenge:

A leading German drinks manufacturer (B2C) wanted to rationalise the technical platforms of its existing brand and shop systems while at the same time integrating newly acquired brands – with the aim of having a new uniform system landscape and a state-of-the-art consumer experience. Furthermore:

Cost savings through lower maintenance effort

Maximum flexibility for brands (marketing) and parties responsible for shops (sales)

Flexibility for future scaling

Retention of trusted functions, processes and connected systems

The Minga solution:

Concept support for the relaunch of six branded workshops:

Definition of the requirements

Screening of the providers and service providers

Tendering and decision-making taking into account the different stakeholders

Preparation of a requirement catalogue based on internal stakeholder interviews

Best practice analysis (competition, market, solutions

Inclusion of requirements from marketing, IT, sales

Screening of various shop providers

Comparison and generation of a strategic action recommendation

Preparation of tendering documents

Screening of potential service providers and support for the tendering process (including scorecard)

Case 2: Development

The challenge:

An automotive group wished to test out a localised event app relating to vehicles.

The Minga solution:

App development:

Prototyping of a vehicle-related app, in order to call up localised events

Location-based events: App development with on-site services for the community

Integration in iOS, a recommendation system was also integrated.

Case 3: Quality assurance/QA and eCommerce

The challenge:

A leading international automotive group from Germany continues to develop in the digital area and wishes to offer various fee-paying services within an app relating to vehicles.

The Minga solution:

Development of the QA strategy

Development a holistic QA concept

Implementation of the QA measures

Preparation of reporting for various management levels

Consultation for automated testing

Technical initial analysis when faults occurred

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