Quality assurance

Businesses whose success depends on complex software understand the need for Quality Assurance, to keep the technology running as well as to detect and correct faults as quickly as possible. Because even a minor display problem can lead to lost revenue; in the worst cases complete functions can fail.

We support your technical performance with comprehensive testing services, which are tailored for your business. Here, you have the option of manual testing, where we look at your website from the end user’s perspective in a flexible way, and automated testing using virtual tools, which are ready to go within minutes and cover almost every combination of device, software and OS.

In addition, we develop and programme automatic tests, customized to your exact requirements. Our services:

Test Automation

Text Development

Exploratory and Manual Testing

Agile Testing

Test driven Development

CI/CD Process (ongoing QA)

Our server hosting takes place exclusively in Germany thereby guaranteeing the highest possible data security.

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